Episode-I       S2000 マフラー

Let me tell a little about Muffler.

How designed muffler is the best for S2000? we, Podio, have been thinking. High performance, of course. While driving in a city area and/or high-way, exhaust note like music make me comfortable in peaceful cabin. Once I'm in favorite winding area, release myself and the potential of my S2000. Its exhaust note remind me racing circuit but is still pleasant for my ear. The muffler can realize such scene.

Podio released high performance new muffler series named "Amadeus". After executing long running test for reliability and durability, it's now on stream.

<Target of Amadeus Muffler>

  • Achieve higher performance than that of "Street Sports Muffler" (Podio's current model)
  • Dramatic reduction of interior noise level
  • Adhere the tone of "Street Sports" series but move to more "dry" sound
  • Achieve similar durability to that of current model
  • Users of "Street Sports Muffler" can enjoy new muffler series by partial exchange

<What Podio did to materialize the target>
  • Re-design the divergence point of center pipe to improve response
  • Modify inside diameter of pipes to polish up its sound
  • Optimize capacity of pre-silencer to reduce sound volume while improving response and top-end power.

<As a result, what happened?>
  • Performance was remarkably improved
  • Get exhaust note dry and rounded
  • Interior noise level was extremely reduced
  • Make interior atmosphere more peaceful in high-speed cruising

For your information, let's show you a few photos of "Amadeus" muffler series. The photo in left shows the final version of trial product.
Final version of trial product

Main silencer part is in common with current "Street Sports"

Under view of Double Silencer type
Under view of Single Silencer type
Not only you, who are not satisfied with current silencer but you, who are satisfied, we recommend to feel "Amadeus" by yourself. Then hidden ability of S2000 is revealed.
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