Episode-II      ハ〜イ、深呼吸!


Welcome to "Podio's Exhaust Header World"!

For designing our first version of exhaust header, Podio took the following steps to squeeze out 250 horsepower from F20C engine.
  • Find out torque value when it achieves 250 hp @ 8,300rpm
  • Calculate mean effective value of combustion pressure for achieving 250 hp @ 8,300rpm
  • Calculate necessary combustion pressure to realize the "mean effective combustion pressure"
  • Calculate volume of exhaust gas by cylinder when 250 hp @ 8,300rpm is achieved
  • Measure exhaust gas temperature to manage high temp. gas
  • Fix inside diameter of each pipe by considering gas velocity
  • Study rpm @ maximum torque generation
  • Verify the above items and modify to fit new header into S2000 engine bay
Then the following fundamental design of the header was built.
  • Inside diameter of each pipe
  • Position of junction point
  • Alignment of pipes from each port to the junction point and gathering angle (this is very important to maximize effect of combustion gas velocity)
  • Inside diameter and spun of the pipe between junction point and catalyzer
  • 4 in 1 type to accept gas flow/velocity which secure torqueful, quick acceleration up to 9,500 rpm
Having executed long run test, Podio's first header was released and well accepted in the market.

..... INTERMISSION ......

After rather long intermission, Podio's header has evolved and now debut as "Amadeus header". Yes, it was not "intermission" but developing period for Podio!

Having anticipated new release of 2.2 litter engine in Japan, Podio decided to develop new header aiming to realize "Ultimate performance" on AP-1 and AP-2 engine (F20C & F22C). It was actually Podio's challenge.

"Amadeus" series muffler, Podio's latest model, have enabled not only extraordinary performance while enjoying "comfortable" sound level but also to utilize much higher performance of exhaust manifold. In the process of header development, we learned the limit of manufacturing process of current header. In order to materialize ideal straight/curve lines and/or shape of junction point led by "combustion dynamics", Podio introduced traditional craft, Hera-shibori(spinning).

<Target of new header>
  • Exceed the performance of current model in whole rpm range
  • Lift up torque at low/medium rpm range and improve drive-ability
  • Realize sharp response in its torque band
  • Get exciting power feel in medium rpm
  • Torqueful, sharp, exciting acceleration in VTEC zone
  • Linear response to the acceleration pedal control
  • Fully utilize the ability of Amadeus muffler
<What Podio did to materialize the target>
  • Investigation about optimum exhaust gas flow in each rpm
  • Fix the best junction position to get highest possible aspiration/injection effect
  • Design to bring out the highest possible gas flow effect in VTEC zone
  • Design the shape of junction point to settle the gas flow as fast as possible
  • Put an additional boss for sensor in proper position (in case for computer setting)
  • Carry out mandatory experiment, trial production, modification, measurement, etc.. as usual
Just for your reference, this is the last trial version
<At last, "Amadeus header" has come>
Since its debut, "Amadeus" header has been enjoying high reputation in the market as well as comments of motor magazines.
Amadeus "ULTIMATE" header
F20C engine bay with "Amadeus"
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