For S2000 (AP1, AP2)

Amadeus Header (AP1, AP2)
Feature Now "Ultimate 4 in 1 Exhaust Header" is here! After fully studied combustion dynamics, Podio reached "Amadeus". Optimized inside diameter of each pipe realize ideal exhaust gas velocity. Newly designed position/shape of junction point can well-utilize inertial effect of exhaust gas. Equalized spans between each port and junction point also contribute full utilization of exhaust gas inertial effect throughout all rev range. Podio assure you of high torque and quick response even from low rev and remarkably torqueful top-end power for F20C/F22C.
Amadeus Header change character of your S2000. If you are satisfied with your current header, you are the one whom we particularly recommend to install Amadeus header.
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